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Shimano Saint PD-M828 Flat Pedal

Shimano Saint PD-M828 Flat Pedal

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Shimano Saint Pedal-PD-M828

Experienced and aggressive off-road riders are now looking for pedal options based on the specifics of the ride type, trail, and weather conditions. The Shimano platform pedal line is designed to deliver the same performance, quality, and durability that riders around the globe expect from Shimano.

Off-Road Versatile
For trail and downhill, Shimano platform pedals offer durability and quality.
Our Benchmark
Flat Pedal The PD-M828 is our pinnacle flat pedal.

Saint Level Performance
SAINT level construction and details include a 1 mm fore-aft concave on each side, virtual concave with 5 mm pins at front and rear, 3.5 mm pins at center.

Designed To Work Together

The shoe-to-pedal interface is even more important with a flat pedal. Shimano is the only System Engineered solution that delivers platform footwear and pedals developed to work as one with the SH-GR900 shoe.

  • Fore-aft concave
  • Virtual concave with 5 mm pins at edge and 4 mm pins at center
  • Superior grip for aggressive gravity riding
  • 105 mm x 109 mm wide platform for more stability and comfort
  • Newly designed slimmer axle saves weight without sacrificing the strength
  • 2 pin length options : long and short
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