About Us

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Barquebike was founded on the principle to simply do things better and better.


We would explore and continue to find out the new retail model in the bicycle industrial.  We are on a mission to build the best bike store on the world. It is a goal what we want to serve our valuable customers until now.


Nowadays we are one of the largest cycling equipment eCommerce retailers in the world. We believed cyclists or sport enthusiasts who could enjoy their shopping at Barquebike.


To keep providing the first-class services and cycling experiences to our customers, Barquebike continuously keep improving the staff training and enhancing the equipment enrichment, furthermore, we explore more trended bicycle products to meet the need.


If you are considering investing in a new bike, we are glad to help. You can trust us to listen carefully to your needs and requirements, whilst guiding you through our extensive range.


We look forward to welcoming you to our online store soon.