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Shimano PD-EF202 Flat Pedal (Red/Black/Blue/Gold/Silver)

Shimano PD-EF202 Flat Pedal (Red/Black/Blue/Gold/Silver)

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Shimano Pedal PD-EF202

Product Description:

Shimano PD-EF202 flat pedal is suitable for daily leisure riding, using a wide aluminum alloy pedal body and textured surface for a stable pedaling platform. These durable pedals are designed for recreational bike shoes and are most suitable for sports and leisure riding and commuting.


  • Axial rigidity comparable to high-grade models
  • The widened aluminum alloy pedal body provides a more stable scooter shoe contact area
  • There are 5 color options (Red/Black/Blue/Gold/Silver)
  • Weight: 512g
  • Dimension: length: 9,5 cm/width: 9.5 cm/height: 2.5 cm
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